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Add whether using USB 3.0 connection on computer. This will become more important as USB 3.0 becomes more common.

GCS , 17.06.2011, 12:42
Idea status: under consideration


Andy Engelkemier, 20.01.2014, 21:29
This isn't actually good enough. I was in total agreement. I couldn't post my score for a drive online, which is incorrect, and went to do it at home. I just found out that my USB 3.0 express card is SLOW! It's maxing out at around 35MB read and 21MB write. So my speeds are pretty much bogus. At work I was on a PC, which is also added USB 3, but it was showing 115 MB/s read. I can't remember the write.
Oh, I guess I can't submit at home either. There must be something wrong with their servers.

What I feel should happen is it should also upload the model of the USB port used. We would see speed caps on those, and then they could be eliminated. In fact, the software could even tell you, "Hey, you have a bogus USB port."

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